The Manoj Mody Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust, was established on 27th February 1988 by Mr. Raghu Mody in memory of his son Late Manoj Mody whom he lost under tragic circumstances on 11th December 1987.

The objectives of the Trust are :

a) To establish, maintain and / or grant aid to hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institutions, sanatorium etc.

b) To establish, support, acquire, run and / or grant aid and other financial assistance to Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Hostels, Boarding Houses and Laboratories etc.

c) To establish, maintain and / or run scholarships, studentships and other kinds of aid to students.

d) To grant aid, to promote, establish, support and / or maintain Institutions for the Promotion of Science, Literature and fine arts etc.

e) To establish, maintain and grant aid to homes, orphanages, homes for old aged and widows etc.

f) To do any other act of Public Charitable Utilities without distinction of caste, colour and creed etc.