1905 - The Company was incorporated on 3rd February, under the name of "Majegram Tea Company".

1965 – Mody family acquired assets of Doyapore Tea Estate & Majegram Tea Estates in Assam from McNeil & Barry of the Lord Inchcape Group of Companies

1972 - Doyapore Tea Company acquired the vanaspati plant consisting of vanaspati, refined oil, soap and container plant from Hindustan Development Corporation Ltd., situated at Calcutta

1974 – The name of the company Doyapore Tea was changed to "Rasoi Vanaspati & Industries Ltd."

1975 - A merchant export division, Rasoi International was also started by the Company to export traditional and non-traditional items and to import vegetable oils.

1978 - Shares subdivided in May 1978. 3,00,000 shares offered to the public at par during June.

1980 – Rasoi Vanaspati and Industries Limited purchased from a partnership firm of Deihi, a vanaspati plant with a capacity of 5 tonnes per day named Haryana Vanaspati & General Mills situated at Kundli in the district Sonepet of Haryana State.

1980 - 3,00,000 Right equity shares issued at a premium of Rs 2.50 per share in the ratio of 3:5 in 1980.

1982 - The name of the Company was changed from Rasoi Vanaspati and Industries Ltd., to the present Rasoi Ltd w.e.f. 1st January.

1985 - 4,00,000 bonus shares issued in ratio of 1:2.

1989 - Doyapore and Majegram Tea Estates sold by Rasoi due to disturbed situation in Assam

1990 – Due to excess capacity in vanaspati industry Rasoi sold the 20 TPD Haryana Vnaspati unit

1992 - The Company encountered difficulties on account of competition from refined oil units which are exempt from excise duty, and from the new vanaspati units which are entitled to sales tax exemption, etc. Government did not allow the usage of expeller mustard oil in the manufacture of Vanaspati which further restricted the availability of raw edible oils to the industry as a whole.

1993 - During the year, the Company launched 500 gms. and 200 gms. Pouch-pack vanaspati and also 15 Kgs. Vanaspati pack in high density polyethylene Jars.

1995 - The Company introduced the concept of bag-in-box filling and accordingly 15 Kg. packs were introduced.

6,00,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each were issued as fully paid bonus shares in the ratio of 1:2 to the existing shareholders.

1996 onwards - The company concentrated on consolidation of operations, and the setting up of an oil import division, and went improving all round productivity and cost cutting measures, so that the company could contend with the influx of global competetion as a result of the opening of the economy.

1998 - Joint Venture with Andre & Co a Swiss multi billion dollar commodity giant, which acknowledged the Brand Equity of “RASOI” in edible oils.

2000 - The company begun the establishment of it's new plant on their own land just outside the city limits of Kolkata in Banganagar.

2002 - The Company began it's operations at the new site in Banganagar.

2004 - Rasoi made a record Turnover in FY 2003 -04 of US $ 40 Million.

2005 - Rasoi Salt , Rasoi pickles, and sauces are launched. The company began foraying into other food products which are intended to be launched in the coming years.

2007 - Launch of Ricebran Oil .

2009 - Sale of Rasoi’s land in New Alipore, Kolkata. 4 acres (230 cottahs) of land was sold for Rs. 85 crores (approximately US$ 20 Million)